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A task

For the Yava fashion group of companies, which is engaged in 3 branded online stores of clothing and accessories. it was necessary to develop a website with the possibility of visiting each of the three stores and selling the relevant products.
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Elegance and simplicity are the main guidelines in the development of this site. Through the use of pastel colors, the most simple font and straight lines, we tried to achieve ease of perception of information, and at the same time follow current trends in the world of web design.
The current site does not correspond to the marketing and business objectives of our company. There are many complaints about the inconvenience in using the services of the site.


A feature of the site for the Yava fashion group is the presence of several stores. And this meant: our task is to create the most convenient navigation. The solution to this problem can be demonstrated by the Goods Cards block. When choosing a particular product, the user can switch to another store at any time (with just one click) to get acquainted with analogues.

In the same block, we have implemented a convenient and simple filter to find the right product.
.02 designing

Card product

Maximum information, minimum content. One of the most important tasks of this block is to deprive the user of the opportunity to ask himself additional questions. That is why we give comprehensive information about the goods.

You don't need to know much about a blouse to buy one, right?
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Other pages

Not least important is the development of such pages of the online store website as "Cart", "Login to your personal account", "Registration", etc.
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Adaptive design

You can make purchases both from a desktop computer and from a mobile phone or tablet.
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Professionalism is in the details.

Paying attention to seemingly insignificant moments in the course of the site's operation, we carefully work on them, adjusting them to the overall style. This not only makes the site more interesting, but the company itself becomes more serious and trustworthy in the eyes of the user.
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Study of trifles

The moment of hovering the mouse over buttons and links, "active" filter checkboxes and other details while working on the design were also taken into account.
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As in any business, when working on a website, such a moment as the division of labor is very important. Therefore, a whole group of our employees works on any project.
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