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Singer, Actor, TV presenter

Dima Bilan

Animation and design development
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A task

We were tasked with designing a website for Dima Bilan. Show all aspects of Dima's creativity on the site. Make convenient site navigation and of course design in modern trends.


In order to open all the creative sides of Dima to the user, we proposed a variant of the main page in the form of his photographs that corresponded to his image. With a further detailed description of each image.
The old site is inconvenient to navigate and has an outdated design. It is necessary to make an image modern product
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Main page

As a screen saver, we have implemented an interactive process of interaction with the user, showing Dima's photos showing the types of creative activity.
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Convenient navigation from mobile devices

The entire site is adapted for mobile devices without losing functionality.
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Continuation of the story from the main screen

To highlight the content on the page, interactive scrolling was implemented through the entire page with the selected activity type
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Intuitive interaction navigation for the user was implemented in the song card, plus the ability to download the song via direct links was added
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It's totally free
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The solution of this section was to concentrate the user's attention on the data about the concert, convenient sorting by dates in 1 click and focus on the buy tickets button
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Dima Bilan is a public person and is always under the gun of the media. Therefore, a section with pres-releases and news from the life of the singer was saved on the site.
Convenient sorting of events by year
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Event page

Visual and most informative page of the event, photo, video from it, as well as user ratings in the form of likes in social networks
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Mobile versions

65% of the audience use the mobile version of the site. Therefore, modern designs should be comfortable on tablets and mobile phones of various widths and heights.
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Like all great people have signature quotes, Dima Bilan is no exception! We have made a proposal to add such a section in this project
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Study of trifles

It is very important to properly interact with all the target points of the project, since the final result strongly depends on these little things.
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The project was made by

As in any business, when working on a website, such a moment as the division of labor is very important. Therefore, a whole group of our employees works on any project.
Head of design
Head of design
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