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The best cover band in St. Petersburg


Landing design and animation development

A task

Create a website for a cover band from scratch. It was necessary to present the group in the most favorable light, as they are a professional cover band that works in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other major cities.


We proposed a decision to make the site in dark colors with an accentuated bold red color, which also emphasizes the audacity and courage of this cover band. Well, in the color of the famous cocktail ;) We also simplified the task of filling out and forming an application in which their client fills out several steps in an interactive form.
We need an emotional design of our website, because it is emotions that we give to our customers.
Input data
Technical task

Input data

Emotional first screen immediately with the target action to pass the test and promo video

Test development

It was a very important moment. So that the client does not have to fill out an application for a long time, but get the most detailed information.


A block with a promo video of the group to convey the mood that the group will convey at their performances


They decided to perform the songs that they sing in the form of covers for songs so that users can clearly see the familiar cover and perform the targeted action


The group performed with the stars of the CIS, this block was also elegantly placed on the site

Схема работы

В виде ползунка что бы можно было на одном уровне

Some numbers

The trust trigger opens a small statistic to the user on one screen.
The project was made by
As in any business, when working on a website, such a moment as the division of labor is very important. Therefore, a whole group of our employees works on any project.
Head of design


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