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A task

Design user scenarios and interface interactions. Maximum convenience and information content for the user - the purchase of any product or service in a couple of clicks.
.01 input data


Informativeness is the goal of this project. Therefore, all pages of the portal were calculated to the pixel. I had to rethink, create and rework dozens of pages.
The current site does not correspond to the marketing and business objectives of our company. There are many complaints about the inconvenience in using the services of the site.


To test all our thoughts about the new interface, interactive prototypes were developed to test the user experience.
.03 designing

Main page

It was decided not to overload the main page with unnecessary products or filters, but to divide everything into categories. Also, since this is an online store, a search was placed in the header by the article, VIN number of the car, and the name of the spare part.
.03 solution

Catalog page and product card

The company has a very large selection of products that have many important details, such as article, code, manufacturer, reviews, stock availability, etc. Based on this, it was decided to make several filters on the catalog page, 5 product cards in a row.
.05 solution

Mobile versions of the main page

Since now mobile traffic mostly exceeds desktop traffic, great attention was paid to the development of the mobile version of the site. Models were prepared for mobile phones, as well as tablet computers.
.04 solution
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Product page

In order not to load the product page, it was decided to hide the description and characteristics under the "Details" button. Also, most of the time was devoted to the layout of all the necessary elements.
.06 solution

Search results pages and directories

For the convenience of the user, we have implemented several options for search results, as well as a step-by-step search by car brand, which indicates the car brand, model, year of manufacture, equipment, etc.
.07 solution
.10 team

The project was made by

As in any business, when working on a website, such a moment as the division of labor is very important. Therefore, a whole group of our employees works on any project.
Head of design
Head of design
project manager
.08 solution

Other project pages

In total, for the project Avtorus we have developed and created more than 100 unique pages
.09 solution

Study of trifles

All possible user interactions with the site were also drawn.
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