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Is a career as a web designer right for you?

When choosing a particular profession, you must first study its professiogram. But the purpose of this article is to introduce you to the character traits and skills of a person who dreams of becoming a first-class specialist in the field of web design.

Ability to solve problems.

One of the most important skills. Of course, difficulties befall everyone in any profession, but it's safe to say that finding different ways to solve a problem (sometimes seems insoluble) is an integral part of the work of a web designer. Collaborating with completely different clients, you automatically “collaborate” with different points of view, ideas, desires, goals, which often does not coincide with your ideas about digital design.

Ability to learn

The very profession of a web designer requires special knowledge and skills, so already at the preparatory stage, learning ability plays a significant role.

The scope of user experience is wide and very changeable, and you are forced to retrain something, learn something again, master new methods and work tools, only in this case you will keep your finger on the pulse. Attend trainings, seminars, learn from colleagues, read more, don't stop learning!

Ability to communicate

Both in working with colleagues and in working with clients, you need to be able to express your ideas, give arguments in their defense, justify a particular decision. Therefore, the ability to communicate is one of the most important in this field.

Analytic skills

Here it is about the analysis of the task assigned to the specialist, and about the logical conclusions from the current situation, and about everything related to finding the most correct solution with minimal resources to achieve the most effective result. By analyzing your own ideas, you have the opportunity to objectively evaluate yourself, try on the role of a site user, and understand how you can improve your product.

It is this skill that largely depends on the experience of a specialist, because only by practicing will you be able to independently find better solutions in a particular case.

Attention to detail

Another important quality is meticulousness in work. It is also about perseverance, responsibility, attentiveness, focus on the best result.

Imagine that you want to alter your old jacket and you choose an atelier. One seamstress offers to do the work in a day and cheaply, the other - in a week, but more expensive. If you want to get a quality result, you are more likely to choose a second atelier. This is a primitive example, because there are many factors - the experience of a seamstress, her reputation, and even personal qualities. But under equal conditions, the second seamstress is probably more responsible for doing her job and more attentive to detail. These are the kind of people we want to work with.

It's the same with web design. The more demanding of yourself and attentive in your work, the higher the quality of your product and the value of you as an employee. Do not skimp on an additional check of indents before submitting the layout, the client will appreciate your diligence!


This skill is effective not only at work, but also in real life. By putting yourself in the place of another person, you can, for example, understand the motives of his actions and his needs. So you not only begin to better understand the people around you, but also to build relationships with them in the right way. When you are “in the shoes” of the user (who you certainly are anyway), it is easier for you to understand his interests, and satisfying the interests of the user is the primary task of a web designer.

Using any site, capture your impressions, emotions. If you find the site uncomfortable, heavy, or vice versa easy to use - explain to yourself why. By fixing in memory such dialogues with yourself, you enrich your personal user experience, which is important to use in creating your own products.

This is not the whole list of qualities that web designers should have. But the above are required. Each property can be developed, so do not despair if something is not typical for you.
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