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Good mood as part of corporate culture

The atmosphere in the team is one of the key factors determining job satisfaction.

The team spirit is also an additional motivation for employees, the desire of each to make a greater contribution to the life and work of the entire company. Therefore, it is important for managers to periodically “tune” this component as well.

Why is that?

People who play pranks on others, tell stories, laugh contagiously and set the mood in the right way in various ways are highly valued among employees.

Such people deserve respect, because the negative is easier to express than to replace it with positive emotions.

Psychologists confirm

Not every person can resist the negative flow of thoughts from others. Whiners and pessimists are everywhere. If a person who is good at his job fills the office with destructive energy, others can easily succumb to it, and who likes to work in a team where the air seems to be electrified?
One well-known woman psychologist in Europe said in her video blog that she does not hire people who come to work in a bad mood to her company. Probably, setting such conditions, she was guided by good intentions, but this is what forms the corporate culture.

If you include “positive thinking” as a required skill in your recruitment ad, you will immediately protect yourself from toxic employees and ensure a healthy environment in the company.
A cheerful and friendly atmosphere in the team is like an additional bonus to the work you love, but the image of goodwill is easy to create with just a smile, so smile more often!
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