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How it’s made?

Any field of design, be it interior design, fashion design, jewelry design or web design, in the primary sense, implies the creation of a product that serves an aesthetic purpose.

However, this statement is not complete.

The process can
divided into 4 blocks/stages


Most would say this is a fundamental part of the design. If you look, theoretically you can do without this block, but a good designer is determined not only by his skills in Photoshop, but also by the uniqueness and originality of his thought.


The final part of the work, in a different way - the embodiment of the idea into reality. Many believe that this is the whole design. However, without research data, the necessary knowledge and skills, without a creative component, a person who calls himself a designer will estimate only 1/4 of its maximum cost.


Almost any profession is socially significant and useful. If you follow only your own ideas and inspiration, there is no guarantee that the products of your work will be “appreciated” by society. To create a quality product in every sense, you need to prepare.

Preparation includes knowledge of trends in the design world, understanding the target audience, and often basic knowledge of a particular niche.


Without knowledge of the necessary tools, understanding of the entire process of creating a product (“designing” a site does not mean making it working and as functional as possible), you will not get a modern high-quality result.
The material world around us is expanding every day, as is the very concept of “design”. Most of the "material" life appears not because of the need to make our existence more beautiful, but based on the need to make it simpler, more convenient, more efficient. This means that the process of creating the next product also carries a certain functionality, and has long been no longer reduced to a single aesthetic goal.
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