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Functionality is not everything

Advances in the design world have placed product functionality at the forefront of other roles, which seems like a pretty reasonable thing to do.

But let's look at the situation more broadly.
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Giving a product a function is a basic level of activity for a web designer, and certainly not the only one. If the functionality is in excess, the product becomes more difficult to use.

Functionality Issues

Solving the problem with optimal functionality, we can talk about the next level - convenience. And that seems to be enough. Already now the user successfully reaches the goal.

The professional, on the other hand, moves to the next level - the creation of a design that gives pleasure, or in other words - an emotional design.
If the creation of a product is guided by one functionality, then it is unlikely that the profession of “web designer” can be left with that name.
A person is not a robot, he has feelings and emotions, that is, by nature, “dry” performance of actions is not unimportant for us. It is important for us to have a positive experience. After all, it is not very pleasant to eat healthy food, which at the same time is terrible in appearance.

It can be concluded that the nature of the work of a web designer is directly related to the characteristics of human nature. And the main task is to create such a product that would combine the highest functional significance and emotional satisfaction of the user.
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