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User experience as a state of happiness.

A good user experience is not only about convenience.

If you study this concept deeper, you can conclude that there are two sides to the same goal that UX design serves:

Мaterial component

We are talking about the formation of a clear goal for the user in the process of being on the site, the elimination of mistakes made, the increase in conversion, and other tasks that are comparable to the question “how much?”

Intangible component

One well-known woman psychologist in Europe said in her video blog that she does not hire people who come to work in a bad mood to her company. Probably, setting such conditions, she was guided by good intentions, but this is what forms the corporate culture.

If you include “positive thinking” as a required skill in your recruitment ad, you will immediately protect yourself from toxic employees and ensure a healthy environment in the company.
The very state of happiness is determined mainly by the rapid and unhindered achievement of the goal. The faster a person gets what he wants, the happier he is.

The feeling of satisfaction is also influenced by other factors: the location of significant elements (observance of the logic of user behavior), the structure of the site itself (convenience of switching between pages, quick search), and others.
By creating a great user experience, we raise the level of user demand in the future, and this is an incentive for the professional growth of web designers. However, new solutions are not always useful. The main task is to make the user happy and encourage him to use your product again and again.
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