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Criticism for the designer

If you decide to enter the world of digital design, you will not be able to survive in it and develop without the help of experienced professionals.

When choosing such a field of activity, you must be prepared for evaluations from employees, because any creativity in our field must be controlled and directed, but not suppressed.

Criticism must be justified and understandable

Most would say this is a fundamental part of the design. If you look, theoretically you can do without this block, but a good designer is determined not only by his skills in Photoshop, but also by the uniqueness and originality of his thought.

Criticism is natural

When you are at the beginning of the journey, you must understand that you will definitely stumble upon the barrier of value judgments, and this is natural and normal. This, a kind of educational process, should not cause a feeling of anxiety or hopelessness. Useful criticism is the way of development.

Design criticism is not criticism of you

Perhaps the first thing to understand is to realize what the assessment from the outside is aimed at. In most cases, these are the results of your work, which means you should not take criticism personally.

If you are told that the site interface you created looks old-fashioned and uninteresting, this does not mean at all that you are an old-fashioned and uninteresting person in real life.

To respond correctly means to improve

Without knowledge of the necessary tools, understanding of the entire process of creating a product (“designing” a site does not mean making it working and as functional as possible), you will not get a modern high-quality result.
If each of us did what he considers necessary, regardless of “useful” criticism, the career ladder would become many times longer.
А теперь сами ответьте на вопрос: веб-дизайнер - творческая личность?
This article contains tips for those who want to learn how to deal with criticism, work more productively, or simply understand the reason for their irritation in the case of a value judgment from the outside.
Do not be afraid of mistakes, do not worry if something does not work out the first time, because we all started somewhere!

In addition, if your work is evaluated, it means giving yourself the opportunity to grow not only professionally, but also personally.
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